Class Membership

  extended by sbc.orthoxml.Scoreable
      extended by sbc.orthoxml.Membership

public class Membership
extends Scoreable

The membership class represents a group membership of gene. The same gene object can be in multiple groups. The membership encapsulation allows to assign different scores to same gene depending on the group.

        OrthoXMLReader reader = new OrthoXMLReader(myFile);
        Group group =;
        Map<String, ScoreDefinition> scoreDefinitions = reader
        for (Membership member : group.getMembers()) {
                //accessing the gene
                Gene gene = member.getGene();
                //accessing the scores that are assigned to gene
                List<Double> scores = member.getScore(scoreDefinitions

Thomas Schmitt

Constructor Summary
Membership(Gene gene)
          Creates a Membership object for Gene gene.
Method Summary
 Gene getGene()
          Returns the gene that this membership stands for.
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Constructor Detail


public Membership(Gene gene)
Creates a Membership object for Gene gene.

gene - the gene o be nested in the Membership
Method Detail


public Gene getGene()
Returns the gene that this membership stands for.

gene the gene