Uses of Class

Packages that use Group

Uses of Group in sbc.orthoxml

Methods in sbc.orthoxml that return Group
 Group Group.getParent()
          Returns the parent of group e.g.

Methods in sbc.orthoxml that return types with arguments of type Group
 java.util.List<Group> Group.getChildren()
          Returns the children (nested groups) of the group.

Method parameters in sbc.orthoxml with type arguments of type Group
 void Group.setChildren(java.util.List<Group> children)

Uses of Group in

Methods in that return Group
          Returns the next group top level ortholog group from the OrthoXML file/stream.

Methods in with parameters of type Group
 void OrthoXMLWriter.write(Group group)
          Appends the group to the orthoXML output.